Your Guide for Choosing Residential Garage Doors

Your home is an important aspect of your life. Many people take pride in showing their personality through design components of their home. Looking good comes with a cost and a certain level of functionality. When it comes to residential garage doors in Portsmouth, VA, appearance, cost, and functionality need to be considered during your shopping process. There are many differences in the world of garage doors. This simple guide will help you take a look at everything important you should consider when choosing a new residential garage door!
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Different Types of Garage Doors

There are four basic types of garage doors: the roll up, slide to the side, swing out, or swing up. Each home and family owning a garage comes with different uses for their garage door. Some people make the decision on which type of garage door to get based on their personal usage of the garage. If you plan to use your garage to store your car, having a swing out garage door might be inconvenient for pulling into the driveway.

Many different things come into play when making the decision on which type of garage door to purchase. Before you purchase a roll-up door, you should measure the space between the top of the garage door and their ceiling.


With each type of garage door comes a variety of styles. The most important thing is to make sure you pick a garage door that suits the style of your home perfectly. For instance, log cabin homes often install green garage doors or garage door panels that give the appearance of wood. If you’re unsure what style will fit your home best, look around the neighborhood and examine other garage door styles. Pick something that you believe will fit your home best.


Garage doors can be built from many different materials. Wood can offer you a charm and authenticity that other materials lack. Garage door panels can be designed to mirror the image of wood, or you can simply get the real thing.

Aluminum and steel are a popular choice for garage door material due to their inexpensive cost. Steel and aluminum can be very durable in regards to dents and weather damage.

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