Signs of a Heavy Garage Door

Garage door

Many people depend on their cars to get to work in the morning, take the kids to school, or run other errands. If the garage door isn’t working, it can make a serious crimp in your day, not to mention the expense to get it fixed. There are local businesses that specialize in garage door repair, including garage door services in Newport News, VA.

A heavy garage door can signal broken parts with several possible locations in the mechanism, depending on the type and brand of mechanism and how it’s constructed.

Broken Spring

If you go into the garage and there are spring parts lying on the floor, it’s likely you have a broken spring. Chances are your door went up six inches and then wouldn’t go any further. Sometimes it’s possible to manually lift the door, but that takes some muscle power. This relates to the reference to “heavy door” when it is still unclear where the breakage is exactly.

Another way to tell if the spring is broken is if you look up and see a several inches’ gap in the spring. Again, you may be able to manually open the door, but it will be heavy. Depending on the type of mechanism, you may or may not be able to see the gap in the spring. In some doors, the spring is encased in a pipe-like cylinder that doesn’t allow visual observation.

Other Evidence

If the top of the garage door is bent, it’s likely a spring has broken. Further evidence would be hearing a loud bang coming from the garage. The noise is the spring breaking.

In all cases, the wise consumer will consult professional garage door servicing companies. They will determine exactly where the break is, and if it can be fixed or must be replaced. The homeowner will ultimately be satisfied with the professional’s help.

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