Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Garage Door Opener

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A garage door opener can be an incredibly helpful addition to any home. Picking the wrong model, however, can severely limit the benefits. You might end up with a noisy door opener that breaks down regularly. To prevent this and choose the right opener, you should avoid these common mistakes.

Ignoring Safety Features

This is a big mistake to avoid, especially if you have children or pets. You should consider getting a garage door opener with a motion sensor that will stop the door halfway if something passes through the laser beam. With this feature, you can be sure that your kids and pets will not get injured if they run under the door while it is closing.

Picking a Loud Opener

No matter where your garage is located, you should choose a quiet door opener. When looking at garage doors in Chesapeake, VA, look for a belt-drive model, as this type is much quieter than a chain-drive model. This mistake is even more annoying if your garage is close to a bedroom or area where you spend a lot of time. A noisy garage opener that is close to one of these rooms will disturb your family and wake them up every time someone enters or leaves your home. If you are unsure about which models will make the least amount of noise, ask questions before you make your final purchase.

Getting a Weak Unit

If you purchase a unit that is too weak to handle your door, you may be facing all sorts of garage door opener repair costs very soon. Be sure to purchase an opener that can handle the weight and size of your door, even though it is more expensive. However, by paying the additional price up front, you can save money down the line. Review the size and weight of your garage door before you head to the store so you can pick the right one.

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