Insulating Garage Door – Is It Worth It?

Insulating garage door Suffolk, VA or Surrounding areas

If you have ever wondered if purchasing an insulating garage door is worth it, J&S Overhead Garage Door Service has some 4 tips to make the decision buying process just a little easier.

1.) The Goal
First you must determine what goal you are trying to accomplish by purchasing the garage door. If the goal is just simply to close an opening on a detached garage an insulating garage door may not be necessary. However if the door is attached to the home an insulating garage door can make a huge difference.

2.) Strength
Insulated Garage Doors provide not only insulation but they will also provide strength to the panels. Most especially if we are talking about a triple layer construction garage door. These insulating layers provide more rigidity making the door itself much stronger. With two additional layers this option can prove worth the additional upgrade charge.

3.) Cost
Now with most purchases or investments you want to know is does additional cost can justify the upgrade. Most people don’t realize that insulating a garage door is fairly inexpensive. It may only be a difference of a couple hundred dollars. Which compared to other home renovations is a drop in the bucket.

3.) Going Green
If your like most people leaving a smaller footprint is an important factor in many purchases. The thing about “Being Green” in response to garage doors is that it’s actually two fold. By “Going Green” are you making your home more energy efficient but it also can help save on future energy costs. It’s a small investment that can save you money month after month. Insulating garage doors help keep your home cool in the summer and help keep your home warm in the winter. It’s an all year round win-win!

So to sum up our thought on whether or not we believe An Insulating Garage Door is Worth…The verdict is in… IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT! If you live in the Hampton Roads area and would like a free in-home consultation, give J&S Overhead Garage Door Service a Call Today (757)748-0770.

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