Why You Should Get an Insulated Garage Door

Garage doors are not only for your properties’ protection, but also for a quick improvement in regard to curb appeal. They instantly increase the value of any property and are a wise addition if you’re looking to sell your house for a much higher price in the future. Many innovative garage door designs are now in the market to help you build an energy-efficient one that prevents heat loss. Here are reasons for investing in insulated garage doors in Newport News, VA.


Insulated overhead doors save energy by keeping the desired temperature inside your home. Without an efficient garage door, you lose warm air in the winters and cool air in the summer costing you more money in heating and cooling your home. Having the garage door professionally installed where there are no gaps will help save on energy costs.


Insulated overhead doors are more durable than standard non-insulated garage doors. This is because of having a basic single steel layer door, an insulated door can be doubled, or triple layered providing long lasting durability.
If you need to replace your garage door, look for a reputable company that can provide new garage door installation and garage door repair in Virginia Beach, VA.


Noisy garage doors can be annoying, but insulated ones are a lot quieter. The weight and insulation soften the sound and the vibrations of an otherwise noisy non-insulated garage door.

Great ROI

New garage doors provide great ROI(return on investment) for your home. In fact new garage door runs in the top 3 home renovations a person can make and still get their money back if they were sell the home. Sometime however a professional garage door repair is all that is really needed. If you are needing a overhead garage door repair in Virginia Beach, VA call your local experts at J&S overhead garage door service.

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