How to Get Broken Garage Door Springs Replaced

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While you may think the motor is what’s solely responsible for raising and lowering your garage doors, springs are essential to their operation. If your springs break, your door won’t work properly. When that happens, and it’s time to get your springs replaced, here are five steps to follow.

Identify a Break

While springs can last a long time, eventually, after constant use and deterioration of the metal from weather changes, they’ll break. You may hear the springs break since the snap can be as loud as a gunshot. But if you don’t and you’re trying to determine if the springs are broken or if there’s another problem, the tell-tale sign is when the door suddenly feels extremely heavy.

Keep It Low

Once you suspect that one or both springs is broken, be sure to keep the door lowered. Otherwise, if it’s raised and someone attempts to lower it, it can come crashing down. If you need to leave the door open until you’re able to repair it, be sure to use something to block the door track so that it can’t drop accidentally.

Survey Your Springs

Before you set out to replace your springs, you’ll want to make sure you know which kind your door uses. There are two types of springs used on garage doors: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are a newer type and are mounted to a bar parallel to the door, above the opening. Extension springs are smaller and are mounted on both sides of the door.

Decide DIY or Pro

When you’re ready to replace the springs, you’ll need to decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire a professional to tackle the job. If you’re handy, have the right tools, and understand the mechanical systems involved, then you can likely do the project yourself. There are plenty of videos and tutorials online to help you measure for the correct size springs and install them. If you opt to trust the work to pros, be sure to get recommendations about a reliable garage door repair company who can do the job right.

Put Safety First

If you replace your springs, remember that the doors are big and heavy, and can cause serious injuries if they drop. Be sure to take the needed precautions to protect yourself and anyone helping you out with the job.

If a spring on your garage door breaks, your only option is to replace it. For help with spring replacement, trust a garage door repair service in Virginia Beach, VA.

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