7 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Shut


A malfunctioning garage door is both an inconvenience as well as a security concern. If your garage door won’t open, there could be a few causes that require garage door repair in Virginia Beach, VA. Some of these causes could be a simple fix you can take care of yourself, while others should only be handled by a professional that’s familiar with garage door opener repair in Virginia Beach, VA. Here’s what you need to know.

Blocked Photo Eye

A common problem you can address is a blocked photo eye or one that’s out of alignment. The two photo eyes on each side of the door transmit an invisible beam between them to detect if anything is in the way. If this beam is broken by something in the path or by one of the eyes being out of alignment, the door won’t close. You can adjust these until the path is clear.

Dead Garage Door Remote Batteries

If the wall transmitter makes the door open and shut, the problem could be your transmitter batteries. This is easily remedied by changing the batteries in the transmitter and then testing it again.

Misaligned Tracks

You can check for misaligned tracks by looking for gaps between the rollers and rail and listening for any rubbing sounds as the door moves along the tracks. A misaligned door should be addressed by a professional to prevent further damage to the door and tracks.

Broken Cables

You can usually see if the cables in the door are broken and the door will close very quickly or get caught sideways in the track. If you know the cables are broken, call for professional to repair the garage door right away.

Broken Garage Door Spring

This is one of those garage door issues best left to the professionals. Sometimes a broken spring on the garage door is visible but not always depending on the type of the spring system. Never attempt to repair or replace garage door springs yourself as special tools & training needed too.

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