Garage Door Repair or Replacement: How to Choose

Your garage door is an architectural feature that adds curb appeal to your home. It also works as a security feature, adding another line of defense to your home to keep intruders out. Your garage door serves a variety of important functions, and if it’s in disrepair or isn’t functioning as well as it used to, you might immediately spring to replace it. However, there are times when a replacement is going to be a lot more money than you need to spend, and garage door repair in Newport News, VA, is all you need. Here are some of the different things that can happen and whether repair or replacement would be your best bet.

The Door Stops Opening or Closing

Garage door

It’s in some people’s nature to assume the worst, so when your garage door simply stops opening or closing altogether, you might automatically call for replacement. However, this is often a simple fix, such as replacing the battery in your remote or cleaning dusty sensors. A repair technician can tell you whether the problem is electrical or if garage door components are damaged.

The Door Panels Are Damaged

Most garage doors have segmented panels. If one of your panels is broken or bent, a garage door repair company can usually fix or replace those panels. On the other hand, if the panels are badly damaged, replacing the door altogether might be more cost-effective.

The Door Seems Heavier Than Usual

The springs of your garage door might be broken if you suddenly try to lift it and it seems too heavy. Springs make the door go up and down easily. After several years, the springs will wear out, making this a much more common problem with older doors. Usually the springs will need to be replaced, but not always the entire door. Finding great garage door service in Newport News, VA, that you can count on is the key to finding out if you need a repair or replacement.

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