Garage Door Problems That Require Professional Repair Service

It’s important to recruit professional garage door service in Chesapeake, VA, when specific components are causing problems in your garage door’s ability to function properly. Check out these parts to keep an eye on for professional servicing.

Dual Garage Doors


These little wheels are what make it so easy for your garage door to go up and down seamlessly. Whenever they get a little out of whack, so does the whole process of the garage door in motion, which can cause further damage to other parts of the garage door mechanism if not properly taken care of. In order to directly address the problem, and properly prevent damage to other parts, it’s highly important to have a professional replace rollers as needed.


The way that garage doors are suspended make it very dangerous for you to fix door springs yourself. Using the proper tools and training are imperative when replacing garage door springs. Make sure that you pass off spring repair and replacement to the professionals. You’ll be glad you did.

Motor Troubles

Any time electricity and specialized equipment is involved in a garage door issue, it’s a good sign that you’ll want to recruit a trained specialist to the scene. Motors sometimes stop working. These motors are even more complex than the garage door system, and making any adjustments to those parts in the motor can easily cause further damage and make it more difficult for a professional to fix the original problem. Also, making an error in repairing an electronic motor can hurt! So, for your own safety, don’t take this one into your own hands.

The right level of expert help is needed for some projects that are just better left to professionals, so keep that in mind as you consider garage door service and repair in Chesapeake, VA.

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