The Balancing Act- The Real Reason Your Garage Door is Heavy

Did you ever wonder why your garage door feels heavy? It’s because your door is unbalanced.

Garage Door is Heavy

Garage Door is Heavy in Chesapeake VA

And we will explain what you can to fix it. Unbalanced? A balanced garage door plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the garage door. Every garage door must have garage door springs and everyone knows this. However what most people don’t understand is that the spring is the counterbalance for the garage door. If the spring does not correctly match the weight of the door you door is not correctly balanced.

A hot garage door is when you lift up the door and it continues to fly up in the air like a rocket. This means you have too much spring. The problem with this is the resistance and strain it causes on the garage door opener, not to mention the frustration of trying to manually pull it down. A hot garage door causes the same strain on the garage door opener as a heavy garage door just in reverse. Your garage door opener is not designed to lift or pull more than just a few pounds.

A heavy garage door is exactly as it sounds…Your garage door is heavy. No a garage door even a large wooden garage door should not actually feel heavy when properly balanced. If you struggle to lift a door and it feels heavier than about 5 pounds it’s not correctly balanced.

Technically speaking any garage door should be easy to lift and should stay in the middle when lifted half way. This is why having an actual garage door professional adjust and replace the garage door springs is so important. Garage Door springs are under a tremendous amount of tension because that is what is actually lifting the garage door. Only a properly trained garage door technician can safely repair your garage door. Proper training and tools are required to repair a garage door properly. If you garage door is feeling hot or heavy you may just need to give us a call so we can fix it properly. Call J&S Overhead Garage Door Service Today for Fast Same Day Award Winning Service in the Hampton Roads area. (757)748-0770 or to click here to learn more about our garage door repair services.

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