To Insulate or Not to Insulate…That is the Question!

Insulated Garage Door in Virginia Beach, Virginia

How do you know if an insulated garage door is right for you? Should you choose Insulated Garage Doors. Well we have broken it down into 5 simple factors to help you determine what door is right for you.

Factor #1 Noise Reduction– A higher quality insulated garage door will reduce noise levels significantly. Especially when compared to a single layer garage door. Because these door are non-insulated. The additional insulation will keep the panels from flexing thus reducing noise. Triple layer garage doors are the quietest since they have a third backing layer making the door virtually silent.

Factor #2- Does your garage even need insulation? Many garages are not attached to the residence, therefore provide no energy efficiency for the home itself. If the garage is detached, and has no insulation in the walls, an insulated garage door would serve no greater purpose.

Factor #3 A Room Above the Garage If your garage has a room above it then anything you can do to insulate the garage would be helpful. A great way to insulate is by replacing or upgrading the garage door. Since some doors like a Amarr garage door for example has R- Values in the 19.4 range. Anyone sleeping in the room would probably greatly appreciate the added comfort.

Factor #4 Strength of the door- Generally garage doors with 3 layers are built in such a way that they are stronger. This makes the door a little more reliable and less susceptible to abuse of the garage door. (We recommend them to homeowners who rent out their home) Things happen and sometimes the panel construction of the insulated garage door can save it!

Factor #5 Wanting to Insulate the Garage Space. Whether it’s for a man cave, workshop, or spare bedroom an insulated garage door can serve you well. Some people choose to close off the garage by taking down the door and installing a permanent wall. However we suggest purchasing an insulated garage door for practicality. If you ever want sell the home, move in large furniture or change the space you are not limited.

So if you’ve been asking yourself if you should choose insulated garage doors, these 5 factors should help you determine what is right for your home.

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