5 Tips on How to Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins


For many people, the garage door presents vulnerability in home security. The unfortunate truth is that once inside, intruders not only have access to the garage, but also the entire house. After entering the garage, trespassers are shielded from the watchful eyes of neighbors, increasing chances of breaking into the house itself. Services that offer garage opener repair in Portsmouth, VA, can help you increase garage door security.

  • Shield the Emergency Release Lever

Unscrupulous people can open your garage door by activating the emergency release lever. All that’s needed is a wire shirt hanger pushed through the weather sealing to engage the release. To reduce the chances of this happening, you can shield the release lever with plywood, particle board, or another hard material. The release is available if you ever need it, but inaccessible to intruders standing outside your garage.

  • Zip Tie the Release Lever

Using a simple plastic zip tie, you can thread it through a hole in the release lever and a hole in the assembly. A zip tie will generally provide enough strength to prevent a wire hanger from opening the door, but it can still be broken if you need to activate the lever yourself.

  • Cover or Replace Glass Windows

Glass windows allow potential intruders to see if there are any cars inside the garage. No cars are often a telltale sign that no one is home, making thieves more confident about breaking in. Some people frost glass windows or replace them with another material. For even better security, older garage doors are often replaced by new steel garage doors in Portsmouth, VA, without windows.

  • Don’t Leave Garage Door Openers in Cars

If you leave your garage door remote opener in your car, it’s almost like leaving your house keys on the front seat. If someone breaks into your car, chances are they may also find paperwork like automobile registration forms with your home address. If you’re at a sports event, theater performance or concert, the thief will have a good idea how long you’ll be away, providing a window of opportunity to burglarize your home.

  • Install a Deadbolt

Securing your garage with a deadbolt is additional protection for times when no one is home. Deadbolt protection is most helpful when your family is away during extended times such as weekends or vacations. Look for a garage door service in Portsmouth, VA, to help you assess this security option.

Make Garage Doors Safe and Secure

Don’t leave your garage door as a vulnerable entry point into your home. Consult a professional service offering garage opener repair in Portsmouth, VA, to keep unwanted guests from entering your home.

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