New Garage Door

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Garage Doors

Planning on buying new garage doors in Virginia Beach, VA? Don’t forget to consider these important factors when making your decision.

The Right Material

Most garage doors are made of wood, steel, or vinyl.

  • Wooden doors have a classic, popular look. However, they require a lot of maintenance and still don’t last long as other doors.
  • Steel doors are one of the strongest, most durable options. They require almost no maintenance and should last long as your own house.
  • Vinyl doors are more expensive than steel garage doors. They are also less prone to rust than steel and don’t require maintenance. Vinyl garage doors are well built and are able to withstand small dinks and dents.

You can also find specialty garage door in stronger (and more expensive) materials like fiberglass or aluminum, although these aren’t as commonly available.

The Right Style

It’s important to choose a garage door style that matches your home. If you have an older home, for instance, a door made of wood or faux might be best choice. Steel or aluminum doors will complement more modern homes. Most doors can be customized to your preferred color, windows, and more.


Insulated garage doors in Virginia, VA, not only protect your cars and other belongings, they can lower your energy bills in your home as well. Steel is typically the most insulated garage door material, especially when it comes with energy-saving glazing or finished interior surfaces.


Garage doors should always be installed by an expert. They are heavy and involve strong springs that can snap and cause serious injuries. Installation usually only takes 4-6 hours to complete.

The same goes for your future repairs: all garage door and garage door opener repair in Virginia Beach, VA, should be performed by an expert to reduce your chances of injury.

Garage Door Safety

There are many features to make your new garage door safer than ever. All automatically opened doors should come with photo eye sensors that will prevent your door from closing if there’s a child, pet, or toy in the way. If you’re are concerned about the security, you can also choose a transmitter that will only open with your own unique code.

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