5 Maintenance Tips for Electric Garage Doors

It’s easy to take electric garage doors in Newport News, VA, for granted until they stop working properly. This major inconvenience can end up costing you a lot of time and money to repair. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your garage door and avoid major repairs by taking the time to properly maintain it. Here are 5 important tips to follow.

Garage Door on Modern Home

Door Balance

To check if your door is balanced monthly, you’ll first need to disconnect the automatic opener. This is easily done by pulling on the release handle, which is usually a cord hanging from the opener. Then you should be able to open the door manually with very little resistance and the door should remain open. If the door won’t stay open or is hard to open, a professional needs to service the door.

Visual Inspection

It’s also important to visually inspect your door monthly to look for signs of wear. Look at the cables, springs, pulley, rollers, hinges, and other mounting hardware. Watch for loose hardware and fraying cables as well as chipped or cracked rollers. This wear and tear is normal on an older door and may indicate the need for parts replacement. It may also indicate a more serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Reversing Mechanism Test

It’s important for the reverse mechanism to function properly to prevent entrapment. You can test this mechanism by placing an object like a wooden 2×4 in the center of the door opening. As the door closes and comes in contact with the wood it should automatically reverse. If it doesn’t do this, the door needs to be serviced.

Photo Eye Test

A monthly photo eye test is simply done by waving an object over one of the photo eyes (located near the bottom of the garage door) after closing the door with the transmitter. As the object passes in front of the eye, the door should reverse because the sensor indicates that an object is in the way.


Both steel and vinyl garage doors in Newport News, VA, should be lubricated regularly. Twice a year you can spray garage door lubricant on the door’s springs. White lithium grease is good to use on the opener’s screw or chain.

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