3 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

Garage door

Garage doors quite often get neglected. Even when the garage door needs repair, too many homeowners aren’t aware of the signs and continue using a garage door that is potentially a major safety hazard. They may even use it until the initial repair that was needed gets out of hand and the entire door needs to be replaced instead. Here are a few common signs that indicate your garage door needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Garage Door not Opening or Closing

Most homeowners know that if your garage door does not open at all when you press the button, then you definitely need to call out a professional familiar with garage door repair in Chesapeake, VA. However, a garage door that does not open or close could indicate a problem with the garage door itself or the automatic garage door opener. If the problem is with the garage door, and the problem is not fixed in a timely fusion this will most likely lead to the garage door opener also needing to be repaired.

Noisy When Moving

All garage doors are going to make some noise when going up and down, and chain drives will be louder than belt drives. But if you notice any clanging, banging, or rattling while your door is in motion, call a repairman. This noise could point to a number of potential issues, like a bent track or misaligned bearing. And while these things may just make some noise for now, if left without repairs, they can cause your door to fall off its track, which could result in property damage and serious injuries.

Sagging Door Sections

You’ll also want to give your garage door a quick visual inspection every now and then to check for any damage to the garage door panels themselves. If you notice these panels beginning to sag, get them repaired right away. This is yet another issue that can push the door off its tracks, so you don’t want to ignore it.

If you notice any of these issues, look for garage opener repair in Portsmouth, VA, right away.

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