3 Major Benefits of Installing Steel Garage Doors

Your garage isn’t simply somewhere to park your car; it’s an extension of your home. Just as you take pride in your home, you should take pride in your garage as well. You may be surprised to know there are a variety of types of garage doors ranging from fiberglass to aluminum and wood. However, when it comes to overall efficiency, steel is superior. For those of you considering installing a steel garage door near Portsmouth, VA, J & S Overhead Garage Door Service provides a few reasons to take that route.


Steel garage door

Compared to the competition, especially wood, steel garage doors are by far the most durable. No more warping, decaying, rotting, or constant repairs. Steel is simply much more resistant to the elements. Because of its resiliency, steel also has its competitors beat in longevity. Steel doors will last much longer. Durability and strength also typically correlate with security. Would-be criminals tend to exploit weak areas in wooden or weak doors. A steel garage door eliminates this worry.


A properly insulated steel garage door can help substantially in keeping the cold out and the heat in. If your garage is attached to any rooms in your home, these rooms can be subject to cold air that enters your garage. This can mean much higher heating bills in winter. In addition to the savings you can see in your wallet, you can take comfort in knowing you’re helping save the environment. Up to 80 to 100 percent of the steel used in most garage doors is typically recycled.


In addition to the advantages they have over the competition, steel doors are also less expensive than wooden doors. In some cases, a personalized wooden garage door can cost over twice the amount of a personalized steel door. This doesn’t even factor in the additional energy savings an insulated steel door affords. A well-insulated steel door can potentially cover the cost of its installation in just a few years of saved energy. Lastly, installing a steel garage door increases the odds of selling your property at a higher price compared to doors made from other materials.

Clearly, a steel garage door offers numerous advantages over other types. If you are planning on replacing your garage door, consider consulting an expert with any questions you may have, and for those of you looking to install a steel garage door near Portsmouth, VA, contact J & S Overhead Garage Door Service.

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